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    Friday, April 17th, 2015
    7:51 am
    Friday, March 13th, 2015
    9:03 pm
    Pi Day: A Couple of Math stories.
    (It is also Einstein's birthday.)

    So it is Pi Day again (that is, month and day form 3 14 when displayed in that order) and people are going to celebrate things mathematical this weekend. For that, I thought I'd mention a few reads that I've found to be pretty good.
    Friday, February 27th, 2015
    1:33 pm
    PLAQUE: Leonard Nimoy, Spock, and His Own Words
    What to say?

    I thought I'd let him say something worthy himself.  (I forget where I got this, somewhere, last year.  No copyrightinfringement intended.)

    Article:  SPOCK: TEENAGE OUTCAST - How Leonard speaks for Mr. Spock these words to all who have been left out or disappointed by others at some point in their lives.

    "Leonard" is a reference to Leo, or lion. I think the name fits.
    Friday, February 6th, 2015
    10:08 pm
    Belated PLAQUE: Katherine Pel Schroeder
    FB informed me that this was pelianth's birthday, and it occurred to me that I hadn't seen much in the way of news since I invited her to join the Callahanian group there last June. So I clicked through to her wall...

    ...and saw that she passed away in July.

    She made me a necklace, ages ago, for a wintergift exchange on Usenet, and a copper spiral windspinner with a mouse charm hanging from the tip. I need to find them, now.

    Goodbye, Pel. I hope you and lizardling are having grand adventures together. And I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch.

    Current Mood: sad
    Friday, January 9th, 2015
    10:38 pm
    You remember eleri, right? (Everyone Loves Eleri!)
    Well, now that she and vaxjedi have successfully gotten their special-needs daughter moved into residential care, she is looking to return to her life's calling as a Birthing From Within mentor. And she's looking for a little help.

    (If you wish to support her through means other than GoFundMe, contact her directly, and she'll be happy to make alternate arrangements with you and update the donation goal manually.)

    crossposted a bunch of places
    Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
    3:23 pm
    Terri Luanna Mountainborne Robinson da Silva, 1974-2004
    Terri Luanna Mountainborne Robinson da Silva, daughter of Spider and the late Jeanne Robinson, is now in The Undiscovered Country, occurring Friday, December 5th, 2014, at the age of 40 years, due to Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (which she described as "the most common form of breast cancer"). Waiting for their time to greet her again are her father Spider Robinson, her husband Heron da Silva, her daughter Marissa ("Miss M"), and a huge extended family of relatives and intimate friends, as well as many, many more distant friends around the world.

    The announcement came from Laurie O'Neal ("Auntie L") on Terri's WordPress weblog about her life with cancer, "gracefulwomanwarrior" [ http :// gracefulwomanwarrior . com ], and on her Facebook page [ https :// www. facebook . com / pages / Gracefulwomanwarrior / 247095598695612 ] (remove spaces to access the links, of course).

    With the name Luanna Mountainborne, she was depicted as dancing on Luna in 1/6 gravity in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert A. Heinlein.

    A crowdfunding request for her medical expenses is at [ https :// www . youcaring . com / medical - fundraiser / terri - s - stage - 4 - cancer - fight / 269274 ]

    A crowdfunding request for her memorial is at [ http :// www . gofundme . com / icqknk ]

    (Again, remove spaces to access the links.)

    This information comes from openly accessible web pages and public announcements, no confidences are being violated.

    Current Mood: melancholy
    Monday, September 22nd, 2014
    10:08 pm
    Spider Robinson and Jeanne Robinson have been voted into the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame! --
    Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
    11:10 am
    food help
    (crossposted from my LJ)

    I've got a friend with IBS. Sghe has so far discovered that she can't have anything spicy, can't have diary, and can't have anything in the onion/garlic familiy or the family that includes bell peppers and stuff like jalsapenos.

    She needs suggestions for stuff she can get or make cheap. And given the way she reacts to the current hot spell, minimal cooking is good.
    1:57 pm

    I nominated Variable Star... if anyone wants to second or add another, nominations closing soon!
    Thursday, July 31st, 2014
    9:32 am
    Poem and Grave of Elizabeth Bishop
    At times in my life, I have lived in the vicinity of Worcester, Massachusetts (a region in North America). But my friend John (who manages the writings and papers of the late "Musquodoboit Harbour Farm Cat" 1) posted about Elizabeth Bishop in his LiveJournal, and I have gotten to know a bit about her. I was able to visit her grave recently. It is at Hope Cemetary in Worcester, about one hundred feet south of the graves of Dr. Robert Goddard, the inventor of the liquid fuel rocket, and his wife.


    Friday, July 4th, 2014
    7:48 pm
    Friday, May 23rd, 2014
    3:35 pm
    naked eye astronomy: no Meteor "Storm" here
    (240 am update in comments)
    (310 am update - Still nothing. Back to bed. Hope you got/get to see something.)

    (Update: I had mistakenly mentioned Standard Time before. That's changed to Daylight Time, of course.)
    (Update: The reason this may be a one-time event is that the orbit is heavily influenced by Jupiter, and it may not come to Earth's orbit again for a long time.)

    (Posted both to tomtac and to callihanians.)

    There is a comet that was only discovered "recently". And it has an irregular orbit, somehow.

    Naturally, in its wake, it leaves a trail of meteors. Which becomes, when we on Earth come by, a "meteor shower".

    That shower is tonight. And what I really am excited about is:

    1) This could be so intense it would be a "storm". That is, once one looks at the sky and sees a meteor during this, it will be hard to look away, because there could be another meteor, then another meteor, then another meteor.

    2) This is a "new" meteor shower. Not only intense, but the first and only one for quite a while. (See the link here, starting with about the fifth paragraph. Also another link.)

    I remember seeing a "storm". I stepped outside, and very soon saw that it was a CONSTANT show of meteor streaks. This one they are talking about may have a rate of a meteor every four seconds.

    The peak of the storm is between 2am to 4am Eastern time. But in North America, any time after sunset, it is supposed to be a good set of meteors.

    It is in the area of the constellation Camelopardis. Between the two Bears.

    Facing north at sunset, Camelopardis is just to the left of Polaris, the north star.

    When you are looing at Camelopardis, about 930 EDT, then :
    o Polaris and the Little Bear are just to the right of Camelopardis and a little up.
    o The Big Dipper and the Big Bear is up from Camelopardis.
    o Cassiopeia is to the right and down from Camelopardis.
    o Most of the way to the left, you'll find Gemini .

    During the height of the storm, around 2am to 4am, Camelopardis is below the North Star.

    Good Luck!

    Current Mood: excitedexcited
    Friday, April 25th, 2014
    5:13 pm
    Good Thoughts request
    An old friend's SO has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. To quote from her email:

    Survival rates are all over the map on this one, so if you pray to any entity (other than Cthulu perhaps) it can't hurt and might help.
    Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
    8:21 am
    Obituary for Lady Alafair
    With extreme sadness....

    The Marine's daughter died last Saturday. Her obituary and guestbook are posted at this address ...

    Her mother, Skye, passed away just over a year ago.
    Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
    9:21 am
    Happy new year! Lang may yer lum reek!
    Tuesday, December 24th, 2013
    4:30 pm
    Monday, December 2nd, 2013
    7:05 am
    Extension to Best Speculative Fiction poll...
    Last call!

    There is a tie for top place at the moment (between a Handmaid's Tale and Good Omens), and in the "second tier", there are 5 that have been more or less neck and neck... and Glasgow Fairytale is one of them... (hint hint!). Callahans was part of that group, but looks like it's moving up to the top table! There has been a surge taking it from 13 to 17 since this piccie (from the post) was taken last night!


    At one point Glasgow Fairytale was beating Callahans... I voted for both ;-)

    Everyone gets three votes so you can choose your favourites not just one.
    Thursday, November 28th, 2013
    11:01 pm

    Callahans is on this poll (it's the whole series). Voting open until the end of November.

    Everyone gets 3 votes.

    I'm also happy because Glasgow Fairytale is my brother's book and I'm really chuffed with how well he's doing *bounce*
    Saturday, November 9th, 2013
    4:50 pm
    For Callahanians not too far from Lancastershire in the U.K. ?
    This is a kick-in-the-head for me. (grin) 

    One of the mechanics that worked on the Dambuster's Raid in 1943 died recently at the age of 99.  Because the veteran lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling with only a backpack, and didn't put down many roots, there wouldn't be many at his funeral.  BUT ....

    But the funeral directors didn't think that should happen, so they went on Twitter ... Oh I will let you read about it and see the pictures ...

    On Monday hundreds of strangers are expected to attend the funeral of military veteran Harold Jellicoe ‘Coe’ Percival following a plea for mourners.

    (The article explains that the funeral directors posted a request for mourners, and hundreds of RAF veterans and such, and people on the Internet, and others, have pledged to attend on Monday. In the U.K., that is Remembrance Day.)

    Quoting: "the funeral takes place on Remembrance Day – on the two minutes’ silence mark at 11am on November 11 – at the Lytham Park Crematorium, Regent Avenue, FY8 4AB." I am assuming this is near to Blackpool, Lancastershire.

    Okay, during the war, this guy would be tightening the bolts and changing the oil on the bombers. Absolutely essential, you know. My father, in the U.S. Army Air Corps, was also a mechanic "bolt tightener" on the aircraft. The support staff for modern military makes up about 90% of the force, only about 10% would get physically into combat. This RAF Ground Crew fellow saved lives if he did his job well.

    I love this artist impression of the Dambuster raid.
    That is one of the Dr. Wallis's "Bouncing Bombs" splashing in the water there -- it would skip across the surface of the reservoir like a stone skipped across a pond. Devastating for a dam.

    {{ UPDATE: Well, I don't yet know why the "community" copy of this post doesn't display the picture. LJ says it "can't be found". But anyway

    1) It is the same picture of the attack that is in the article linked above, so if you can see that, scroll down.

    2) The actual link to the picture in my LiveJournal album is now replicated here, only I'll point this one to the article's site.

    Good luck!

    If you haven't yet, see the Dambuster Movie. Here's a clip. If the scene looks familiar, it should -- George Lucas unabashedly admits to copying it for Star Wars for the attack on the Death Star.

    If you are within driving distance, you might want to join in. And if you aren't, perhaps give it a moment of silence at 11 am Monday. I'm in the U.S., so I'll be doing that.

    {{ UPDATE, the day after -- See kelemvor's link below for a good BBC story on the outcome. I was impressed in many ways -- although it was raining, there were over 500 people there (including a nephew, a great-niece and a great-nephew) and others (like his nephew in Australia, and we folks in this thread here) following online. }}

    Current Mood: admiring
    Monday, October 21st, 2013
    10:08 pm
    question to the Encyclopedia Callahanica :
    In the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde there are various branches of Special Offices mentioned : SO-27 Literary Detectives, SO-12 Chronoguard, SO-1 Internal policing -

    Is there a list somewhere of all known Departments ?
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